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As our population ages, Americans are entering nursing homes at unprecedented rates. The CDC estimates that 1.3 million Americans lived in nursing homes in 2015. Of course, that number has only gone up in the last six years.

Nursing homes provide a critical service for our country. However, they are also hotbeds of neglect and abuse. Inadequate staffing and undertrained staff are often at the bottom of these problems.         

The law requires that operators and staff of a nursing home provide adequate care up to the standards of the nursing home industry. If a nursing home fails to provide the required level of care and harms a resident because of that failure, the law will hold the nursing home responsible.

Federal law also protects nursing home residents from abuse by staff or others. According to 42 CFR 483.13, all residents have “the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse, corporal punishment, and involuntary seclusion.” Any facility that accepts Medicaid or Medicare funds must abide by this rule.

We investigate cases where nursing home residents are injured, including those involving bedsores/pressure sores, falls, bed rail injuries, neglect or abuse, unexplained infections and other preventable infections, failure to employ enough caregivers, failure to provide hydration and nutrition, and failure to provide adequate hygiene.

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