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On Your Side for Estate Disputes

Probate is a legal system that oversees the way estates are handled. It includes disposing of personal property, money, real property, or anything else that your loved one owned at the time of their death. Probate also deals with any debts that existed at the time of death. But why do people want to avoid it? The following concerns lead to developing legal strategies to avoid probate:

  • A Lack of Privacy– Probate cases are filed in court and are a public record.
  • Family Disagreements– Families with complicated family dynamics may want to avoid will contests.
  • Time Consuming– In more complex estates, probate proceedings can last months or years while the family waits to claim assets or property.
  • Costly Court Process– Probating an estate can be costly without professional advice from a competent attorney. Since the process requires court appearances and extensive paperwork, the legal fees can mount up quickly. Carby & Carby designs custom estate plans to help you or a loved one avoid the high cost of probate.

Many executors don’t understand the probate process or are overwhelmed in their role. We can take over fiduciary duties, such as:

  • Notifying the beneficiaries, providing copies of estate inventory and court filings, explaining documents that require signatures, etc.
  • Providing regular estate accountings and explaining how estate funds are used to pay for expenses.
  • Distributing estate funds timely to each beneficiary

If you are the executor or heir of a Mississippi estate, Carby & Carby offers professional guidance. Our goal is a smooth probate settlement.

Resolving Contested Wills and Other Estate Matters

Are you involved in a contested will or other estate dispute? If you need to determine who gets what in an estate settlement, we can help you! Carby & Carby gives you the best legal guidance and advice to ensure you get what you are legally entitled to receive. We have helped many clients with their will contests in Natchez and across Mississippi since 2009.

You can rely on us to guide you through the entire estate settlement process and answer all your questions regarding the intent of the will and how assets pass to others. We also protect your rights as an heir and help you administer an estate to the specifications in the will. If necessary, we will present your case to a judge to ensure that the estate is properly distributed.

If you’re involved in a will contest, make sure you have a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Get a FREE consultation at Carby & Carby. Walk-ins are welcome!

If you have a legal issue concerning will contests, contact us or call 601-445-5011 to set up an appointment.

We also work with other attorneys with clients facing will contests.

Do you need help with a will contest? We can help!

Whether you've been injured in an accident or you want to protect your assets for the next generation, we equip you with the tools to handle all of life's challenges.
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